David 8 Wonder

The Black Gates of Paradise Chapters 1-3

Title: The Black Gates of Paradise
Rating: Mature
Pairing: A darker David/Elizabeth
Summary: Blind faith doesn't always lead to the light. Love doesn't always choose the ideal companion. Human and Synthetic. She journeys for answers; he searches for purpose and the elusive existence of his soul. Desire binds them, darkness will test them, but fate could tear them apart.

Snippet: And in that final dream, he bathed a fragile flower whose petals were covered with hardening sap. He was a patient gardener, careful with her delicate skin, careful not to tear it when he scrubbed. She bloomed under his touch, and her innermost parts opened to his curious, exploring hands. Her skin on Prometheus had been full of textured imperfections, but here it glistened flawless under the water, a miracle of growing cells, blood rushing through tiny veins, and nerves aglow with stimulation.

Organic. Alive. And for the moment, his.

BG chapters 1-3